Kris Davis – NPR – Nate Chinen

January 14, 2020

Kris Davis – Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic) At a glance, an odd candidate for consensus: Kris Davis, an improviser-composer with the instinct of an alchemist, made Diatom Ribbons by drawing inspiration from oceanic microbiology, tectonic movement and piano precursors ranging from …

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Diatom Ribbons – Downbeat – Dave Cantor

October 18, 2019

The best music—within the jazz world and beyond it—can contain a multitude of ideas and sounds, reference endless genres and tell listeners something about the moment that it was recorded, as well as the past. Diatom Ribbons­—and actually a lot …

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SuperBigmouth – Glide Magazine – Doug Collette

October 9, 2019

If Chris Lightcap and company prove anything here—besides the fact this work compels many repeated listenings—it is that the intersection of jazz and rock can represent a flash-point of inspiration as potent as the convergence of material and musicianship.

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Diatom Ribbons – All About Jazz – John Sharpe

September 24, 2019

Cross fertilization has been at the heart of jazz since its inception when African rhythms met European instrumentation. That stylistic melange is taken to another level in the cultural melting pot of New York City.

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SuperBigmouth – Jazziz – Matt Micucci

September 19, 2019

Acclaimed bassist/composer Chris Lightcap unites Bigmouth and Superette, his two ensembles, on his latest studio recording SuperBigmouth. We’re delighted to present you with a song premiere for one of the tracks from the LP, “Zero Point Five,” ahead of its October …

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SuperBigmouth – WGBO – Simon Rentner

September 19, 2019

SuperBigmouth introduces an unruly eight-piece ensemble led by bassist Chris Lightcap, with band members including Craig Taborn (Wurlitzer, organ, piano); Tony Malaby and Chris Cheek (tenor saxophones); and Jonathan Goldberger and Curtis Hasselbring (guitars). The music absorbs a vast range …

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