SuperBigmouth – Downbeat

August 15, 2019

Chris Lightcap’s compositional and performative dexterity stretches back to the ’90s, when he began working with some of New York’s best-known avant-gardists. A few folks who were gigging and recording with the bassist back then again congregate for SuperBigmough, a …

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Good Day For Cloud Fishing – Downbeat – Jon Ross

August 1, 2019

The concept behind Ben Goldberg’s erudite Good Day For Cloud Fishing, an album of original tunes inspired by Dean Young’s poems, is best summed up by guitarist Nels Cline. The album, he writes in the liners, comprises “music inspired by …

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Cory Smythe – Circulate Susanna – Peter Margasak

October 8, 2018

Although most contemporary music institutions continue to toe the line with improvisation practice–shutting it out for one reason or another, whether because it doesn’t fit established models or because the clueless can’t see the rigor and commitment it requires, often …

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