Cory Smythe's new release Accelerate Every Voice 

Release Date: June 12, 2020

Preorder opens + 'Vehemently' Single release: May 15


Chris Lightcap's SuperBigmouth


Craig Taborn, Tony Malaby, Chris Cheek, Jonathan Goldberger, Curtis Hasselbring, Gerald Cleaver and Dan Rieser

Official release October 4th


Kris Davis & Craig Taborn

photo by John Rogers

The collaboration of three of the most respected figures at work in creative music—Goldberg, guitarist Nels Cline and trumpeter Ron Miles—and one of America’s greatest living poets, Dean Young, Good Day for Cloud Fishing is the result of an unprecedented process for combining musical and literary ambitions.


Kris Davis & Craig Taborn in performance
October 10, 2016
University of California, San Diego


Diatom Ribbons – Downbeat – Dave Cantor

October 18, 2019

The best music—within the jazz world and beyond it—can contain a multitude of ideas and sounds, reference endless genres and tell listeners something about the moment that it was recorded, as well as the past. Diatom Ribbons­—and actually a lot …

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SuperBigmouth – Glide Magazine – Doug Collette

October 9, 2019

If Chris Lightcap and company prove anything here—besides the fact this work compels many repeated listenings—it is that the intersection of jazz and rock can represent a flash-point of inspiration as potent as the convergence of material and musicianship.

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