Trevor Dunn

Trevor Dunn

1968: Born traversing a fine line between hippies and rednecks behind the redwood curtain. First musical affinities: The Beach Boys, Blondie, Cheap Trick, Kiss. First television: Ultraman, Speedracer, Bugs Bunny. First films: Over The Edge, The Mouse & His Child, Snoopy Come Home, Bedknobs & Broomsticks. First books: Zylpha Keatly Snyder’s Witches of Worm & Harriet Weaver’s Beloved Was Bahamas

1977: Began studies on clarinet

1981: Began studies on electric bass right after older brother brought home a 7” of Detroit Rock City. Immediately got involved in two bands, one called Ful Choke and the other, Gemini.

1986: The same year that Lynch’s Blue Velvet and Slayer’s Reign In Blood were released, graduated from EHS. The school’s motto: “Pigs live in litter, loggers live in pride”. Started a band called Mr. Bungle. Then got a job at a Shakey’s pizza run by Born Again Christians. The marquee read: Jesus Saves, We Deliver. Began classical technique studies on the contrabass.

1990: Graduated from Humboldt State University after studying the likes of Harry Partch, Iannis Xenakis, Alban Berg, Igor Stravinksy, Gustav Mahler, Bach, you know, all the cats. Also performed Koussevitsky’s Concerto for Double Bass with the HSO after winning the department’s Concerto/Aria competition.

1992: First Mr. Bungle record released on Warner Bros. Moved to SF and two months later embarked on the first MB tour of the US. At the age of 24 was one of the oldest people in the van. For the next eight years played lots of weddings and restaurants between tours with MB. Learned a lot about music playing with Connah, Goldberg, Schott, Kavee, Amendola, Greenlief, et al.

2000: Relocated to Brooklyn, NYC.

Currently Playing sporadically in several bands such as Endangered Blood, Dan Weiss’ Starebaby, SpermChurch (duo with Sannety) and various projects under the direction of John Zorn (Nova Quartet, Brian Marsella Trio, Asmodeus). Also sometimes with Wendy Eisenberg, The Melvins, Kris Davis & Oliver Steidle. Also writing music for film, trio-convulsant, a singer/songwriter home recording project, and a piece for loud, amplified solo bass.

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